After putting the finishing touches on a book, many authors know it’s time to get feedback from the public.

They wonder, what will people think about my book?

Will people enjoy reading it?

How does this book compare to other books?

There is a lot of anticipation and uncertainty. Yet, the process of getting reviews can be exciting too.  Seeing a new book review is thrilling.  It means someone read the book and cared enough to leave a review.  Reviews also give authors something very valuable:

Insight into the reader’s mind.

Why is this important?  Understanding your intended audience is critical when making decisions about marketing and promotion.

The good news for authors who write children’s/YA books is that there are great programs to pair authors up with student reviewers.

LitPick Book Reviews

For my recent book launch of The Beedog, I found a great student review program called LitPick.  Litpick inspires students of all ages to read and review books and to become better writers through their mentoring program.  Not only do student reviewers get the opportunity to improve their reading and writing skills, they also get free books and even Amazon gift cards when they become consistent “A team” reviewers.

After finding out about LitPick’s mission and review service, I decided to request a review and fill out their Book Review Request Form opting for the guaranteed review option. I promptly received an email from LitPick confirming the review and the creation of my author profile on their website.

Then the behind-the-scenes LitPick magic started.  They paired a student reviewer with my book.  The student reviewer received an ebook version of my book (LitPick also accepts paperback submissions) and started reading!

One month later, I received an email from LitPick saying that my review was ready.  I couldn’t wait to read the review.  The review of my book was completed by a twelve-year-old and was quite adorable (here’s the full review).

“The Beedog is an amusing book about an amazing insect. It mixes facts with the fun of going to the beach. This is a great book for young readers who are interested in the world around them and eager to get answers to their questions. Kids under 10 should make a beeline for Addie Broussard’s book.”

The next week, I received notifications on Instagram and Twitter from LitPick.  They created fun and vibrant posts about my book.  I was thrilled with how much attention they gave it on social media.  LitPick also featured the book in their email newsletter.

The next thrill came when I checked Amazon (and Goodreads).  LitPick had posted the review along with a video book brief about my book.  I wasn’t even expecting a video.

Litpick also agreed to be a part of my book blog tour.  During the tour, I listed LiPick as a tour stop and shared their book review.  LitPick helped me increase awareness about the tour by sharing my social media posts with their followers.

Final Verdict

Overall, I had a fantastic experience with the LitPick student review program.  I was delighted to receive a review written by a student and see all of the efforts that they put into marketing to help authors.  I also feel great about helping their cause of improving student reading comprehension and writing skills.  LitPick will be part of my launch plan for future books.

If you know a student in third-grade all the way to college-level that would like to participate in the LitPick Student Book Review program, here’s the link to sign up.

If you would like to mentor a student reviewer through LitPick’s program, please email team(a)

Special thanks to Tynea and Gary at LitPick for their support and warm welcome into the world of book reviews.


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